Infinito collection of decorative products provide many versatile and multifunctional solutions to any design challenge.

Corporate Sector

Being mindful of the requirements of meeting perfectly designed aesthetics and retaining professional Corporate images, Infinito laminates rises to the occasion with its’ myriad of solutions. Guaranteed to amplify any Corporate space.

Living spaces

Present day homes are being built with utmost care and passion with particular attention to the highest quality. Be it the careful design of the kitchen aesthetics and functionality to selecting the correct ambiance for the guest bedrooms – everything is done with utmost care and zeal. Every element within a home is a reflection of the one who lives in it.
Inspired by this very zeal to make your home beautiful, Infinito Laminates provides you a legion
of premium laminate designs that are an amalgamation of vivid and classy colours and
intricate patterns.

healthcare sector

Too often we forget about colour and its power, particularly for healing. Hospitals and medical centres are places we visit when we’re sick, injured and anxious. Ordinarily the aesthetic is overly practical, more concerned with being hygienic and inoffensive and forgetting the need to create a healing environment. Infinito can offer you a laminate that adequately addresses both beautiful design and anti-bacterial properties – ideal for use in Healthcare facilities.

Sports & Recreation

With health being top of mind, there has been a flurry of sports facilities being presented. The versatile, high performance material – Infinito Compact laminates, are used in these
interiors including the toilet cubicles, lockers and corridor walls. Infinito Compact is an impressively strong and damage-resistant homogeneous laminate that has excellent strength and dimensional stability. With a decorative surface on both sides Compact is also robust and ideal for applications demanding strength, damage resistance, hygiene, long life and minimum maintenance. It has excellent resistance to impact, water, humidity and heat.

retail environments

Infinito decorative laminates can be used in a multitude of applications within the Retail environment – creating exciting, durable and aesthetically pleasing spaces. Different finishes give a further accentuation and burst of design.

Dining & accommodation

The use of laminates for kitchen countertops have become a popular choice for a number of reasons. Kitchen countertops and cabinets are exposed to high temperatures, oil spills and abrasions, and could also provide a breeding ground to germs and bacteria. It is therefore important that the surfacing material you choose is not only appealing but is also durable and provides resistance to microbial growth. Infinito laminates tick all these boxes.


Office design has a huge impact on the image of your organization, branding efforts, the functionality of spaces and the employees’ productivity. Infinito decorative laminate sheets are an ideal and versatile element that you can use to transform any interior decor, fulfil your branding needs, and personalize workspaces successfully.

Transport industry

Within Infinito’s collection of laminates there are laminates with special properties that meet stringent technical requirements for fire retardancy, structural strength, impact and wear resistance properties but not forgoing and design requirements. Ideal laminates for the transport sector.

construction sector

High-pressure laminates have been used in the construction and furniture sector for decades. Infinito decorative laminates feature an extremely robust, resistant, modern and very decorative surface. Laminates are present in our day-to-day lives and are self-supporting or used in conjunction with substrates. The application and usage areas of HPL are extremely diverse and are constantly evolving – an ideal solution for the Construction sector

Education sector

Create an exciting learning environment with Infinito decorative laminates. Our laminates are versatile and can be applied to most surfaces to create beautiful and inspirational environments.

boats and shipping

There’s a new wave of advanced materials for marine applications, designed for fitting out the interiors of all sorts of vessels, from commercial ships, cruisers and liners to yachts, sailing boats and barges. We can help you create any traditional or contemporary look on board, with a range of specialist and compliant laminates to create furnishings and flat surfaces, along with other fittings.

Clinics & Laboratories

Infinito’s chemical and laboratory grade compact laminates offer exceptional performance for critical applications demanding levels of chemical and stain resistance. The surfaces have been specially engineered for demanding areas where relatively harsh acids, alkalis, corrosive salts or other destructive, staining substances are used in laboratory work surfaces, fume cupboards and splashbacks. The perfect choice where durability, hygiene and cleanliness are important.

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