Infinito™ Compact Pressure Laminates

Given their strengthened technical properties, Compact Laminates are perfect for intensive usage (public places), humid places (sanitary rooms) or sensitive spaces (healthcare).

The Ideal Solution

Infinito™ Compact Laminates are ideal for horizontal (worktops, table tops) or vertical installation (wall coverings, cubicles). Compact is classed as self-supporting from 8 mm thick and machineable throughout its whole thickness, and their installation flexibility allows great creative freedom.

It is the ideal technical and decorative solution for demanding places.

Compact Categories

Compact laminates are exceptional for furniture and interior design concepts, damp and wet zones, especially where minimum material cross sections are required with the highest demands on aesthetics, functionality and durability. Ideal for use in the residential and interior design sector, but also in shop and trade construction and in recreational and leisure facilities. Explore the options.

As design trends have developed to thinner, more slimline profiles, the Interior Grade Compact Laminate is a durable solution that takes design to a whole new level. These durable, modern designs offer sleek lines combined with a high level of performance in any demanding interior space – the kitchen, high end Office furniture or modern alternatives to commercial spaces. Within this Interior Grade option, we offer highly specialised compacts for the Transport sectors.

Architectural and design challenges are multifaceted. Exterior facades and external furniture prices are exposed to harsh weather patterns. Exterior Grade Compacts offer easy processability, functionality and durability.

Carbon Anti – fingerprint Compact provides a visual sophistication whilst giving a silky and smooth tactile user experience. It’s high resistance to micro-scratches, fingerprints and abrasion is a sort after surface property in any public spaces. An ideal solution for Office boardroom and desking or high-end kitchen work surfaces.

Environments in laboratories or surfaces that are exposed to harsh chemicals, require a durable material that will withstand the exposure to various chemicals and provide a durable but bacteria free surface.
Our Chemical Resistant Laboratory Compact offers a favourable combination of properties from chemical, mechanical and thermal resistance. Ideal for manufacturing laboratory work tops, fume hood and any other laboratory furniture elements.

In our Made-to-Order / Flat Pack portfolio of Toilet Cubicles and lockers, there are an incredible assortment of design solutions, embellished with silky finishes and anti-bacterial surfaces. Our Cubicle and locker solutions perform exceptionally well even in heavy traffic areas, under high moisture and high humid conditions.

Available decors

Interior Grade

Light Grey 1024
White 1001
Anthracite 5008
Black 1004
Carrara 5018
Evening Prima 5019
Concrete 5055
Morocco 5056
Neptune 5057
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Carbon Anti-fingerprint

Carbon Black 5009

Chemical Resistant

Light Grey 1024
White 1001
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Exterior Grade

White 6000
Grey 6001
Raw Cement 6002
Patina 6003
Nostalgia 6004
Elegant Oak 6005
Refinery 6006
Fireplace 6007
Elegant Cottage 6008
Mountain Cabin 6009
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