Infinito™ High Pressure Laminates (HPL)

From that first idea, that first draft, that first image, the Infinito™ collection is there for you. The Infinito™ High Pressure Laminates (HPL) are as beautiful as they are durable, meaning your interiors will look the same in years to come, as when they were first installed.

Behind Every Surface is a Story.

Infinito™ High Pressure Laminates are an extremely stylish, versatile and durable surfacing material used for a multitude of applications and environments, such as kitchen and office furniture, for walls and doors, furniture and installations in retail and recreational facilities, in the restaurant sector, in administrative buildings, schools and universities, clinical and laboratory sectors. The list is endless – all design challenges in any space or surface where high demands require sturdiness, ease of care and hygiene.

The Infinito™ laminate collection offers more than 115 trendy colours, which include authentic looking woodgrains, stone and other patterns which are combined with innovative textures and finishes to transform any interior. A versatile and exclusive collection of contemporary colours, unique finishes, a complete resource, full of inspiration.

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Infinito™ Standard Laminates (HPL)

Infinito™ HPL is a high pressure laminate which ensures high quality indoor application, where design, quality and durability come together. They are versatile materials and have great surface features. Infinito™ allows you to create bold environments, whilst enabling you, the designer, to maintain your unique and distinguished design fingerprint. This collection has an unrivalled collection of plain colours, patters and woodgrains combined with innovative textures for commercial environments.

Surface Finishes

The finish or texture of a laminate surface is created during the pressing process with a stainless steel plate. The finish or textures creates a unique feel when touching the surface and simultaneously complements the visual of the design. Alternate textures or finishes are available and vary per design.

The surface comparatively appears fairly smooth with a flat finish with no sheen or reflective properties. A Matt surface gives a warm soft feeling when gently touched. One of the most common surfaces for all round applications.

The surface has a timeless beauty. A well accepted surface for counter tops, vanity counters and furniture as this finish inherently also has good scratch resistance.

Gloss is an optical property which indicates how well a surface reflects. Infinito™ Gloss Laminate surfaces are very smooth with a Gloss level of 112~115 degrees (@ 600mm) and repels dust, dirt and fingerprints that can be wiped clean. Infinito™ Gloss Laminates are available in many decors within the collection and suitable for use for all applications. These Gloss Laminates can be easily Post Formed to small radius.

A Micro Abrasive Scratch Resistant Gloss Laminate is ideal for all high gloss surfaces. Because of its unique inherent properties, the laminate can retain its’ colour and gloss without any major distortion over a period of time.

A surface with luxuriously soft feel and has no light reflection. The colours will appear very prominent with a unique deep appearance.

A rigid surface that resembles the flowing of molten lava lending a stone-like feel to the touch. A non-uniform three- dimensional effect enhances the tactile experience.

The Leather Surface affords the visual appeal of an authentic leather hide which presents with pores and wrinkles. It has a uniform grain pattern which is very durable and flexible. When touched, gives a tactile and warm feeling of a natural material. Recommended for solid colours.

The Stone finish has the beauty and feel of natural stone. Bring mother nature into your space without damaging our Earth.

The Laminate surface appears very similar to the fabric – rugged, tightly woven in which the weft passes under the warp threads. A refreshing option for any accent design pieces or prominent walls.

The Laminate yields the ultimate look and character to any woodgrain décor. The structure allows us to experience the product not only visually but also through touch.

Woodgrain is essential for all aesthetic purposes. The grain direction whether be it straight, or spiral, or interlocked, or wavy, or irregular, refers to the orientation of the wood-cell fibers. This finish gives the warmth and feel of real wood. Vertical or horizontal – use the way you like to.

Bring the feel of a forest into your space – the feel of trees, logs, moss and bushes.

This finish gives texture and modernity of metal to the surface. An elegant solution for those who want to use metal in their designs.

A distinctive surface treatment on it’s decorative layer gives Carbon a silky and smooth tactile user experience. It’s high resistance to micro-scratches and abrasion helps avoiding surface distortion and gives a lasting impression. In the event of a light scratch the surface can be cleaned with a soft cloth to get it back to its original form. CARBON Surface is extremely matt and near to zero gloss which provides its visual sophistication via its intensive light absorbance and homogeneous colour dispersion.

Solid Palettes

Harnessing the creative power of colour in one collection. With a focus on the world’s style tendencies, the Infinito™ collection strengthens today’s and tomorrow’s trend colour families: introducing a new era of architectural greys – tinted, natural and warm; elegant neutrals that build a perfect base for bright accents in shades of yellow, energetic red and oranges, with playful fresh greens; fashionable glass like colours through to the return of shades of Blue. Your imagination is the only limitation.

Dove White 1044
Glacier White 1000
Icy White 1015
Pearl White 1042
White 1001
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“Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.”
– Oscar Wilde

Ash 1046
Light Grey 1024
Manhattan 1025
Tornado Grey 1003
Anthracite 1002
Black 1004
Carbon Light Grey 5003
Carbon Anthracite 5002
Carbon Black 5000
Soft Grey HDG 5007
Anthracite HDG 5008
Black HDG 5009
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“He who wishes to become a master of color must see, feel, and experience each individual color in its endless combinations with all other colors.”
– Johannes Itten

Beige 1045
Bailey 1023
Clay 1027
Earth 1028
Marsh 1029
Griggio Cosmico 1021
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“The more an object is polished or brilliant, the less you see its own color and the more it becomes a mirror reflecting the color of its surroundings.”
– Eugene Delacroix

Dark Chocolate 1010
Mustard 1005
Sunflower 1019
Egg Yolk 1018
Citrus 1007
Naartjie 1008
Rosso Cavallino 1020
Red 1009
Burgundy 1030
Lemon 1017
Peach 1006
Yellow HDG 5010
Orange HDG 5011
Red HDG 5014
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“The colors live a remarkable life of their own after they have been applied to the canvas.”
– Edvard Munch

Cucumber 1011
Kiwi Green 1016
Cactus 1012
Granny Smith 1031
Hunter Green 1033
Bushveld 1013
Frosted Glass 1032
Aquamarine 1034
Bright Green HDG 5013
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“Everything that you can see in the world around you presents itself to your eyes only as an arrangement of patches of different colors.”
– John Ruskin

Oslo Sky 1036
Tropical Blue 1039
Ultra Blue 1040
Denim 1037
Midnight 1041
Baltic Sea 1038
Teal 1014
Iceberg 1035
Blue HDG 5012
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“The rhythm of relations of color and size makes the absolute appear in the relativity of time and space.”
– Piet Mondrian

Light Concrete 2000
Concrete 2002
Industrial Concrete 2017
Palladium 2018
Thorium 2019
Seawash 2001
Grey Canyon 2003
Grey Fusion 2009
Bianco Carrara 2020
Tundra 2032
Nero Dorado 2031
Neptune Marquina 2030
Lavant 2021
Obsidian 2008
Charcoal Slate 2006
Nebula 2029
Twilight 2026
Mystique 2028
Elegance 2007
Scala Marble 2022
Sydney 2023
Capponi 2025
Cosmic Granite 2004
Classic Granite 2024
Cassius Granite 2011
Mochiatto Granite 2005
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Stone / Mineral Palette

With absolute mindfulness in protecting our Earth; the Infinito™ collection of the Stone and Mineral Palette gives you an authentic option with its’ fashionable range of stones from exquisite quartz to trendy marbles to latest granite looks.

“Everything changes. Even stone.”
– Claude Monet


Driving trends are inspired by our need for tradition and authenticity.

“I turned my head and saw the wind, Not far from where I stood, Dragging the corn by her golden hair, Into a dark and lonely wood.
— W.H. Davies”.

Dark Twine 2013
Hessian 2012
Woven Ash 2010
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Almond 3023
Tunisia 2027
Siboney 3022
Artisan Oak 3029
Saxon Classic 3010
Houston 3033
Portland 3035
Bleached Chestnut 3000
Mantle 3026
Lydian 3001
Cinder 3036
Akazie 3002
Enya Walnut 3018
Havanna Cherry 3027
Verona Walnut 3030
Sand Pine 3025
New York 3034
Cuban Cigar 3032
Classic Walnut 3031
Vanilla Bark 3019
Urban Ash 3020
Country Oak 3014
Dark Mountain Oak 3003
Classic Oak 3028
Classic Maple 3007
Manitoba 3024
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As we’re spending much less time outside with office jobs and work outs at the gym; Wood today is often used to bring the outside in. Creating a space in commercial interiors using wood is a good way to feel connected to nature. Combining the human need for hygienic surfaces and the design call for wood, our woodgrain decors are perfect to be used for feature walls, furniture and details that really celebrate an inherently earthy aesthetic. Unlike natural wood, laminate does not require special treatments, which not only makes it easier to work with but also reduces ongoing maintenance. This means it looks better for longer. 

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.”
– John Muir. 


Combining stunning real metal surfaces with the flexibility and practicality of laminate. Addressing the latest interior trends with textured, sculpted, brushed and the new hammered effects in contemporary colour stylings, the range offers a fresh and exciting collection of exclusive designs. 

Brushed Aluminium 4002
Brushed Brass 4001
Brushed Copper 4000
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Other Laminating Products

Different environments and applications require specialised performance properties. Please see the folders below for more laminate options which offer additional unique specialised capabilities.

A distinctive surface treatment on it’s decorative layer gives Carbon (AFP) a silky and smooth tactile user experience. It’s high resistance to micro-scratches and abrasion helps avoiding surface distortion and gives a lasting impression. In the event of a light scratch the surface can be cleaned with a soft cloth to get it back to its original form. CARBON Surface is extremely matt and near to zero gloss which provides its visual sophistication via its intensive light absorbance and homogeneous colour dispersion.

Opening up a world of possibilities, this exquisite High Definition Gloss collection has been developed with the most advanced technology to create the best-in-class Gloss surface. Resistant to MAR / scuff, scratches and abrasion, these premium laminates are sturdy and highly durable. The superior gloss levels on these laminates remain unharmed from the regular wear and tear normally experienced on horizontal surfaces. These laminates are apt for vertical and horizontal applications that turn your interiors into perfect spaces.

Colour Core provides another dimension in decorative surfacing, offering designers creative opportunities beyond traditional laminates. The product with its solid colour throughout is ideal for use in high traffic areas, offering vast potential for innovative and stylish interiors. Applications such as counters, reception desks and furniture can be enhanced with special inlay effects and sharp edging details. colour through material gives limitless choice in creating beautiful surface and edge treatments.

The Digital Print laminate provides you with the opportunity to incorporate patterns, logos, photographs and bespoke design into your project. Integrate signage directly onto doors or walls, incorporate corporate logos to enhance your clients’ branding or create truly customised furniture – whatever you decide, bring your design to life and create the ultimate personalised environment.

Infinito Chalk laminates have a special surface for easy erasure of standard chalk and ensures perfect continuity in chalk marks for hassle free and readable writing.
Included in the collection is the White Magnetic Writing laminate the perfect solution for any office or school environment. A low maintenance surface that allows for easy cleaning with no ghosting of marker board pen lines.

Infinito Continuous Pressure Laminates (CPL) is an ideal solution where large runs of production are required. CPL is used in residential, commercial, hospital, hotel and school furniture covering and where rounded edges and corners are necessary. It is a material that provides gains of up to 20% in terms of cutting, as it is obtained in the continuous press, where the dimensions have greater flexibility (length and thickness).

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